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The Company




Tora's mission is to re-define and professionalise the security landscape.


As specialists in a wide range of protective, investigative, mitigatory and operational security services, we draw our expertise from current serving and ex-service members, and from multidisciplinary subject matter experts with proven experience. 


Ultimately, we believe that people and organisations are strongest when Risk is understood as a element of Opportunity. We help our clients navigate in a world of emerging security risks, so that they can safely maintain the initiative and move forward with confidence and purpose.


As a successful company, you can't build a reputation based on what you are going to do. Our reputation has been borne out of our pursuit of excellence in all that we do. It has taken many years of professionalism, commitment, and achievement to accomplish.


From corporate investigations, risk assessments, and policy development to extraction missions, world tours, and world leader conferences – Tora’s experience has been far-reaching and varied. We have successfully extracted clients from Bali after the bombings, from a tsunami-ravaged island, and from countries affected by coup d'états and other political instability. We have facilitated tours with international musicians, sporting personalities and provided protection and logistics for political leaders at numerous international conventions.


We have been weighed and measured on numerous occasions, but Tora has never been found wanting.


Our experience, knowledge, and global connections can be utilised and deployed on your next operation.

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