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Confidential & Discreet


Empowering you to detect, assess and respond to any situation.


Any crisis involves a certain degree of chaos and a great deal of confusion and anxiety. Clarity and agility are vital in responding to any watershed situations, as is experience.


Events unfolding far from home pose significant challenges to a family or organisation that encounters them. The lack of experience, cultural understanding and situational awareness worsens such challenges and hinders the making of good decisions.


International Crisis and Security Risk Management services offered by Tora consultants include:


- First responder intervention and assessment


- Arrest or detention 


- Sudden death of an employee or loved one 


- Missing person inquiries 


- Mental health episodes 


- Conflict or threat 


- Holistic security audits


- Procedure and policy development


- Business continuity strategies


Risk Assessments


The first 48 hours of a crisis will dramatically impact its outcome. We have experienced and proven crisis management first responders who can deploy internationally within hours and develop strategies designed to deal with a significant negative event.


Tora Solutions provides first responder services and assistance to families and corporations with employees or loved ones in trouble across the globe.​

The consequences of one's actions can hit like a sledgehammer and cause a terrifying ripple effect through a family and community, all far from home.




Tora Solutions identifies, assesses and prioritises physical, reputational and financial risk.  We coordinate the economical application of resources to minimise, monitor and control the probability and impact of unforeseen events.

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