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Problem Solving and Negotiating


Smoothing the way so you can focus on the bigger picture.


If you need to acquire something that's proving difficult to source, get in contact with someone integral to your project, or get to somewhere you cannot access, you need a 'fixer'. 


As international operatives, we use our influence to make arrangements, solve problems, build networks and facilitate success for our clients in unfamiliar and delicate environments. Our fixing and problem solving capabilities often include:

- Networking and relationship development with local influencers

- Maintaining smooth operations through local problem solving and facilitation

- Securing discrete and reliable transportation and supply-chain logistics

- Acquiring equipment and permissions with speed and discretion

- Arranging access to secure locations appropriate for your production needs

Our experience in fixing has seen us work with:


If your media team requires logistical support for complicated productions at home or abroad, we

can provide the resources and facilitation you need to maintain clear focus on your project.

Tora routinely assists media groups with securing safe production locations, expert talent for interviews, and reliable transport in foreign settings.


If your company needs local influence in your area of operation, Tora can expedite relationships on your behalf.

We can extract personnel from compromised positions, work with local media to protect your reputation, and liaise with foreign governments to ensure a quick and successful solution.

Fast-paced and worldwide, problem-solving services for the airline industry require fixers who are nimble, decisive and effective.


Tora helps protect against reputational damage during 'away' airline incidents by liaising with local authorities, hospitals, consulates and media agencies. Our primary task is to secure the best outcome for your airline's brand, staff and customers during times of increased pressure and scrutiny.

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