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Luxury chauffeured limousine service


Keeping you safe from point A to B.

Our expert drivers have been trained to respond to unfolding hostile situations, and take the necessary action required at any point throughout your journey.

Using global partners and operating through a protective lens, we are able to source the most recent and luxurious of executive vehicles to suit your needs.

Our security-trained executive chauffeurs specialize in the mitigation of transport-related risks - a process that begins with detailed planning before our client even begins to approach the vehicle.

At all times, the safety and well-being of our passengers is our primary consideration. We do not compromise when it comes to safety. Drivers are trained in:

- Local area knowledge

- Anticipation of changing circumstances and road conditions

- Team driving (multiple vehicles)
- Counter-media and anti-paparazzi safety driving techniques

- Protected embus / debus from vehicle

- Client care and service

Our executive chauffeur capabilities include:

Luxury vehicles


For your comfort and piece of mind, we use only the most luxurious, definitive and stylish fleet of luxury vehicles including sedans, limos, vans, coaches or any other configuration required.  


All of our vehicles come from the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, and arrive at your doorstep in showroom condition.



Organised motorcades for group travel, VIP or demonstration purposes.



Domestic, International and Private-jet transfers.


We liaise with air, land and sea bases on your behalf so that you can travel smoothly with minimum hassle.

Tarmac transfers available for private-jet arrivals.

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Airport Facilitation
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