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Private Security

Specialists in Close Personal Protection.

Our operatives are experienced, level-headed and situationally agile in order to provide you with the executive protection you require.

security driver

Smooth Transitions – Protected Transitions


Our highly-experienced drivers are accomplished and proficient in responding to unfolding hostile situations and shall take the appropriate action required at any stage of your journey.


Advanced route planning and local knowledge tailored to each client’s specific and unique requirements. 



When you require absolute privacy.

Defending your credibility and reputation by developing and implementing proactive strategies to limit your exposure to hostile media intrusions.


Global crisis/risk management for individuals, family or your organisation or event. 


We have experienced and proven crisis management first responders who can deploy internationally within hours and develop strategies designed to assist deal with a significant negative event.


- First Responder Intervention & Assessment

- Arrest or detention 

- Death of a loved one 

- Missing person inquiries 

- Mental health episodes 

- Conflict or threat 



Have all the right information at your fingertips.


Factual investigation refers to the process of gathering information about the facts of a particular case, issue, or cause. This may entail doing discovery—that is, obtaining access to potentially relevant documents and testimony—and/or interviewing witnesses.


In a policy advocacy setting, factual investigation refers to the assembly of facts and figures regarding an issue to elucidate its complexities or support a particular stance.


Empowering you to detect, assess and respond to any challenge.

Secure Logistics

Secure logistics represent a panoptic package of actions designed to ensure protection, confidentiality, discretion and seamless mobility for your convenience and well-being.


Leave it with us. We know a guy.

Have a problem you need fixed? Outsource your problems to us, and we'll facilitate the success of your project.


The right access to the right people at the right time drastically enhances the prospect of the right outcome.



Event security

Providing specialist security and stewarding services to events, festivals and venues.

Our professionals are well presented, level-headed and experienced in crowd profiling and management.  

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